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Grand Marnier Chocolate Fondue

This recipe is part of our Triple Fondue Making Class that we are starting from 2019. I used to give these triple fondue classes in a rented kitchen 2.5 yrs ago, and it was always a big hit.

My favorite fondue is definitely the smelly strong cheese fondues but I can’t say no to dark chocolate fondue! It’s a great way to serve up an easy dessert without much effort for a big group of guests. I usually make this to get rid of chocolate couverture that’s left in my kitchen. It’s basically making a runny ganache and dipping fruits in it. I like to give it an extra oomph by adding in some Grand Marnier (orange liquor). Of course you can omit. too.

Grand Marnier Chocolate Fondue

(serves 4 people)

-200g Swiss chocolate or good quality couverture (dark or dark + milk)

-200mL cream

-Optional: 3 tablespoons of liquor such as Grand Marnier or Kirsch

  1. Chop the chocolate into even sizes.
  2. Heat up cream in a pot until it starts to boil. Turn off heat. Dump in the chopped chocolate into the hot cream pot, stir to melt all chocolate until the  mixture becomes a smooth sauce. For extra oomph, add in 3 tablespoons of Grand Marnier or Kirsch.
  3. Transfer melted chocolate to a small fondue pot over heat. Dip fruits (strawberries, banana, pineapple, whatever you fancy, but avoid fruits with a lot of liquid) or cubed pound cake.


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