Best Asian Cooking Class With Cultural Insights

Looking for a custom experience?

Get insights into the culture and history, get to know the background of the dishes and learn to prepare them with authentic recipes. Our classes will transport you across the continent in a blink. No plane tickets needed!

Learn to cook authentic Asian recipes and enjoy a delicious time!

Bao cooking class Zurich

NEW! Bao Workshop

Trendy! Learn to make these yeast-raised fluffy Taiwanese Bao buns from scratch with Five Spice pork and delicious fillings.

Dumpling Workshop For Beginners

Zurich’s #1 Dumpling Class since 2016. Step by step from wrappers to fillings and various folding techniques.

CHF 169 /See dates

NEW! Bibimbap Workshop

Learn the history and the recipe of Bibimbap, the iconic Korean dish that used to be served on the King’s table.

CHF 169 / See dates

Saturday Lunch Udon Workshop

Make Japanese Udon noodles with a delicious sesame sauce from scratch. Enjoy with various toppings.

CHF 159 / See dates

Ramen & Cha-Shu

Make your delicious bowl of Ramen with broth, Cha-Shu and creamy Ramen egg. Perfect for a cold day, brrrrrr!

CHF 159 / See dates

Dinner in Bangkok: Thai Favorites

Sweet, salty and umami rich cuisine with coconut milk and exotic vegetables! Your favorite Thai recipes in one class.

CHF 169 / See dates

Tokyo Table: Japanese Home Cooking

Let’s make: Teriyaki chicken, grilled miso aubergine, sesame salad and miso soup!

CHF 179/ See dates

Kimchi Workshop + Korean Dinner

Learn to make Kimchi with Sherly who’s been making it for 20+ yrs, and enjoy a Korean dinner in class.

CHF 149 / See dates

East Meets West: Fusion Cooking

Delicious crossover fusion recipes with mixed elements of China, Spain, Austria, France in one class!

CHF 169 / See dates

Our Asian cooking classes are based on authentic recipes,

while we try to use local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible to create a fresh and healthy meal. In our classes you will also learn where and how to get the right ingredients to bring out delicious flavors.


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