Experience the Culinary Highlights of Switzerland

Looking for a custom experience?

Have you ever wondered why Switzerland is so famous for its cheese and chocolate?

In our Swiss workshops you’ll get insights into the the culinary highlights of these Swiss delicacies in three different classes.

Our Swiss classes are designed by Sherly who is a certified cheese sommelier, with 8+ yrs experience in the confectionery industry.

Especially, our “Best of Swiss: Cheese & Chocolate Workshop” is recommended by the Swiss Tourism Office, and was visited by the world star Pink!

Whether you are a fan of sweet or salty, there is something for everyone!

Best of Swiss: Cheese & Chocolate Workshop

  • Learn what makes Swiss cheese & chocolate special
  • Taste high quality cheese and chocolate
  • Bake a chocolate souffle
  • Enjoy in class with coffee/tea
  • Gluten-Free OK, Vegan NO

Cheese Masterclass with a Cheese Sommelier

  • Learn to cut cheese with the right knife and plate it like a pro. Categorize and assess cheese with a tasting sheet
  • Learn to pair fruits, honey/chutney, wine
  • A wholesome cheese plate dinner with matching wine and nibbles
  • Led by cheese sommelier Sherly. Scheduled quarterly.

Handmade Chocolates: Truffles and Almond Rocher (Winter Only)

  • Learn to make a perfect ganache and temper chocolate
  • You will leave the class with two boxes of handmade chocolate. Great for gifts!
  • Cold season only (Oct – March)

Sherly's Kitchen
Seestrasse 297
8038 Zürich, Switzerland



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