Sherly’s Kitchen is where cooking, learning, and culture meet. Our classes are designed by a cooking instructor, cheese sommelier and communication specialist with a high dose of engagement elements – that’s why our classes are always hands-on, informative and memorable. Our public classes are scheduled daily from Tuesday- Saturday. Whatever class you join, you’ll learn a lot about new cultures and have a great time!

Sherly’s Kitchen has appeared in the local and foreign media spotlight multiple times; from local gourmet blogs and articles to foreign TV shows and travel magazines. World star singer P!NK has also visited our classes.


Coming from a traditional Korean family that has produced artisans, chefs and restaurateurs, I grew up helping my mother and aunts cook delicious meals and host lots of dining events for the community.

Our authentic Asian cooking classes are a result of a long time home cooking and helping out in the restaurants of my relatives.

I made Switzerland home 17 years ago after international moves between Seoul, Manila and San Francisco. I spent over 10 years in the food industry; majority of them working in the confectionery industry.

My job was developing recipes and products based on Swiss tradition for artisan bakers and cookie companies around the globe. I’ve worked with world-renowned cookie companies, helping them develop products and bring the products to supermarket shelves.

Join me in my kitchen for a fun and delicious time!

  • Cooking instructor
  • Dipl. Swiss Cheese Sommelier / WSET L2 Wine Sommelier
  • Professional in the food industry for 10+ years; in food manufacturing, new product development, catering
  • Culinary training in Seoul, San Francisco, Florence, San Sebastian, Schwyz (Switzerland)
  • Passionate about connecting with people through culture, tradition and family recipes

Sherly's Kitchen
Seestrasse 297
8038 Zürich, Switzerland



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