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Pimp up your Mayo – Yuzu Chili Mayonnaise

Calling out all mayonnaise lovers!

If you love mayo like I do, and want to give an Asian twist to it, here’s an easy recipe.

You’ll easily find yuzu marmalade in Zurich’s Korean/Japanese shops – and by the way the large Coops (for example, Sihlcity) are selling these “Korea Cuisine” line of Korean sauces, and you’ll find the yuzu paste there. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is grown in Northern Asia (Korea, Japan, China) and has a slightly bitter taste compared to a lemon. In Korea and Japan, these marmalades are usually used for making a hot cup of sweet yuzu tea. You usually add a spoonful of them to a hot cup of water.

I love adding them to my mayonnaise to make my mayo a bit fancy and special. Adding some chili oil (or lots of it) would make it more interesting.

Here’s my yuzu chili mayo recipe. It’s great as a sauce to dip anything from Korean pancakes (we have a class on making Korean pancakes!) to paprika chips and french fries!

The yuzu paste usually has chunks of yuzu in it, so use a mixer to blend all ingredients.

Makes ca. 250mL Yuzu Chili Mayo

  • plain mayonnaise 200g
  • yuzu paste (marmalade) 50g
  • chili oil depends on how spicy your chili oil is. Start by adding little to start.

Add in all the ingredients above and blend in a mixer. Taste the mixture and add more chili oil as needed. Enjoy!


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