The Host

chef-sherlyMy love for cooking started very earlycoming from a traditional Korean family that has produced artisans, chefs and restaurateurs. I grew up helping my mother and aunt cook delicious meals and host lots of dining events for the community. By the age of 11, I was able to cook a meal from scratch for my younger brother and sister.

I moved to Switzerland 13 years ago and spent more than 7 years working in the confectionery industry. My main job was developing recipes and products based on Swiss tradition for artisan bakers and cookie companies around the globe. I’ve worked with world-renowned cookie companies, helping them develop products and bring the products to the store shelves.

Sherly cutting cheese
Me cutting a wheel of cheese

I am also a certified Swiss cheese sommelier, trained by Swiss cheese artisans and experts like Rolf Beeler and Stefan Böni. Each cheese has a story and is a fruit of careful handwork and babysitting of cheese throughout the curing process. There is so much to learn all around cheese; how to identify it, cut it, plate it, taste it and admire it, pair it, and how to use it in cooking. I would love to share all this with you in my hands-on Cheese Tasting & Baking Class in my loft kitchen. You’ll never look at cheese the same way you did before!

Our Swiss classes are scheduled regularly and Korean classes take place on selected dates. I’m sure whatever class you join, you’ll learn a lot about the culture and have a great time! 🙂 Check our class testimonials here


More about Sherly:

  • Cooking instructor
  • Dipl. Swiss Cheese Sommelier
  • Professional in the food industry for 10+ years; in food manufacturing, new product development, catering
  • Culinary training in Seoul, San Francisco, Florence, San Sebastian, Schwyz (Switzerland)
  • Passionate about family recipes that are handed down from grandmothers to mothers