The Host

chef-sherlySherly’s love for cooking started very early, coming from a traditional Korean family that has produced national artisans, chefs and restaurateurs. She grew up watching and helping her mother and aunt cook delicious meals and host lots of dining events for the community. Being the oldest daughter, she started helping out in the kitchen when she was only 9 yrs old. At the age of 11, she was able to cook a meal from scratch for her younger brother and sister.

After international moves between Seoul, Manila and San Francisco – Sherly made Zurich her home 12 yrs ago. Through these international moves, she built up her knowledge of diverse kitchen, through schooling and practices. She is also a certified Swiss cheese sommelier, trained by Swiss cheese artisans and experts like Rolf Beeler and Stefan Böni.

Sherly cutting cheese
Sherly cutting a wheel of cheese

Sherly is most passionate about family recipes that are handed down from grandmothers to mothers, from generation to generation. Sharing tradition and cooking knowledge with others energizes her. She looks forward to meeting people from all around the world in her kitchen.




More about Sherly

  • Cooking instructor
  • Dipl. Swiss Cheese Sommelier
  • Professional in the food industry for 10+ years; in catering, food manufacturing and new product development.
  • Culinary training in Seoul (Korea), San Francisco (USA) , Florence (Italy), San Sebastian (Spain), Schwyz (Switzerland)