Korean Cooking Class on Selected Dates


Learn to cook authentic, delicious and healthy Korean food

Korean cuisine is famous for its renowned dishes like Korean BBQ, Bibimbap but also its diverse and healthy side dishes. Traditional Korean meal is served with a bowl of hot steamed short-grain rice with numerous side dishes made of vegetable, fish, meat, and the Korean superfood Kimchi. Tradition of Kimchi making is listed on the Unesco’s world intangible cultural heritage since 2013.

In our classes, you will learn to cook Seoul-style dishes step by step so you can easily replicate them when you are back home. Korean food is most delicious when  enjoyed family-style, sitting around a table with family and friends. Below are some signature classes that we offer.

  •    Korean classics: Korean BBQ, Kimchi, Pancake
  •    Dumpling workshop
  •    Bibimbap Class

Check out the class schedule.