Korean Cooking Class on Selected Dates


Learn to cook authentic, delicious and healthy Korean food

Korean cuisine is famous for its renowned dishes like Bulgogi (Korean BBQ), Kimchi, Bibimbap but also its various and healthy side dishes. The cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetable and meat. Traditional Korean meal is served with a bowl of hot steamed short-grain rice with numerous side dishes (“banchan”) made of vegetable, fish, meat, and the Korean superfood Kimchi. Commonly used ingredients are soy sauce, fermented bean paste, chilli paste, garlic and sesame oil.

Korean food is also one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Korea is one of the countries that have the longest life expectancy. Kimchi (fermented napa cabbage with chilli and garlic) is rich in Vitamins A and C with natural probiotics that strengthen your immune system. Tradition of Kimchi making is listed on the Unesco’s world intangible cultural heritage since 2013.

Below are some signature classes offered at Sherly’s Kitchen.

  • Korean classics: Kimchi, Bulgogi and Pajeon –> see class review here
  • Dumpling workshop: Dumplings and Japchae (colourful glass noodles with meat and vegetable)
  • Bibimbap and Jeon (various ingredients in egg batter)

Check out the class schedule.