Korean Classics – Korean BBQ, Kimchi, Pajeon & Dessert

In this class, we will cook Korean all-time favourites: Marinated beef BBQ (Bulgogi), Kimchi, Pajeon (savoury pancakes) and a sweet rice cake. The recipe is classic Seoul-style, loved by everyone. This is our signature class – you’ll also get to take home two tupperware of your own hand-marinated Kimchi!

*All Menu can be adapted to vegetarians. Pls mention when you book.

Menu: Bulgogi / Kimchi / Pajeon / Dessert

Class Fee: CHF 150.-

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Preparing chives for Pajeon
Pancake with seafood
Making Kimchi
kimchi-to-take-home, Make your own Kimchi in Zurich
Your own Kimchi to take home
Prepping the ingredients
Sizzling Bulgogi
Coconut Rice Cake with Mango sauce
Sweet rice cake