Dumpling making & storing tips

Did you know?

Making dumplings from scratch can be quite a lot of work but totally worth it because nothing beats hand-made dumplings with chewy dough and generous fillings of your choice!! Here are some tips to make the experience easier:

  • Make a big batch of dumplings and freeze them in a tupperware and cook them as many as you need whenever you want. Make sure to dust some flour and add a small piece of parchment paper (Backpapier) between the dumplings before you freeze them so that they don’t stick to each other.Dumplings in tupperware
  • Migros sells a tupperware set that is perfect for storing dumplings in the freezer – see link
  • When you cook your frozen dumplings, DO NOT THAW THEM! Cook them frozen in the pan or steamer. If you thaw them, the moisture in the fillings will soak the dough wet, and will melt your dumpling skin!
  • The rolling pins sold in Switzerland are usually too big for rolling and stretching small dumpling skins. Use a smaller rolling pin (French style) or contact Sherly to order a rolling pin made by a Korean artisan shop that has been carving birch wood rolling pins for 30+ yrs. They are also perfect for rolling pasta and little pies. (see image below)
Dumpling Rolling Pin
Korean artisan birch wood rolling pin for dumplings and noodles  (CHF 20 + shipping)

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