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Swiss Alpine Cheese Tasting + Baking Workshop

Switzerland is a paradise for cheese lovers! Discover the Swiss cheese beyond Emmentaler and Gruyere – get to taste the Swiss artisan alpine cheeses that won the world cheese championships in our classes. In our cheese classes, you will get to learn and taste different types of Swiss cheese with various condiments like honey, chutney, fruits, nuts. You will also learn to bake a traditional cheese pie “Chäs-Chüechli” and enjoy it with a typical Swiss farmer-style salad. Wine pairing is included in the course.

This class is led by Sherly who is a certified Swiss Cheese Sommelier, trained by some of the famous Swiss cheese artisans and experts. Our classes are in English.

More details about the Workshop

Learn about various Swiss cheese from different regions

Sherlys Kitchen Cheese Plate
Learning about various Swiss cheese
  • What makes Swiss cheese special? Learn about different types of Swiss cheese and why they are so delicious!
  • Learn how to cut and plate cheese for tasting: Enhance your cheese tasting experience by learning the basics of cutting and plating cheese
  • Taste and assess cheese with pairing Swiss wine: Use your senses to assess cheese and discover what type of Swiss cheese you like and find out what type of wine pairs well with them.


And Bake your own Chäs-Chüechli from scratch!

Cheese Pies_Fresh

Learn to bake Chäs-Chüechli from scratch! Chäs-Chüechli is a traditional Swiss cheese pie that is eaten as snacks or light meal.  Bake your own cheese pie and enjoy it in the class or take it with you.


Class time and fee

  • Mon/Wed/Fri evenings 18:00 – 21:00
  • CHF 125/person

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